Sunday, June 5, 2016

Muy mission president gave me permission to send this to you guys. If
no one else got it either could you send it to the group. I don't know
why it didn't go through.

Hello friends and family! Crazy how the weeks just seem to fly by and
then all the sudden I am on the computer again! This week was
definitely full of ups and downs. Lots of learning experiences! Lots
of laughs and tears(haha that sounds so so cheesy but it is true).

So the saddest things of my mission happened this week. I have talked
about the Diaz family a couple times I think in my emails. They are
the one that have the little girl that drank hot sauce haha. So they
come to church but that's about it but they are not really progressing
so that is hard but there daughter who is 12 is the opposite. She is
amazing! She is the one that got them to go to church in the first
place and everything. She is also reading her book of mormon, always
participating in classes, and just told us a couple weeks ago that she
knows that the book of mormon is true. I was so happy! This week we
went over to her house and just Ashley was there so we sat down and
talked to her. Everything was going great, she was on date for baptism
and everything she just hadn't received her sure answer about baptism.
So we brought it up toward the beginning. I asked her what her
thoughts were about her baptism and if her date seemed good for her.
She just looked me in the eyes and was like, I don't think I'm getting
baptized. My heart broke in a million pieces in that moment. I just
love this girl and was so sure she was getting baptized. A couple
weeks I even had a dream that she was on a mission (Florida Spanish
Speaking, she would be the best missionary). But after that lesson I
came out devastated, I just felt so confused and sad and heartbroken.
That was one of the hardest days of my mission so far. We aren't
giving up on her yet though. But Heavenly Father works in mysterious
ways after that, a miracle came!

We were just leaving our apartment and we saw that the English Elders
had called us, so we called them back and they told us that after
church this family had walked into their building wanting to know more
about the church, but the lady only spoke Spanish, they had a member
in their ward who spoke Spanish so she talked to her. But they were
super interested and felt like this church might be the place where
they could find answers to their questions so they just walked in and
asked! We had a lesson with her and some of her grand kids that night
and they really enjoyed the lesson! She felt the spirit strongly and
really took the message to heart. I have high hopes for her and her
family! We are teaching her tomorrow, she wants us to teach her
daughter as well who is going through a really hard time. We got
another family as well so now we have two really promising families!

P-Day this morning was super fun! We went to this FBI Training Academy
thing! It was so legit! We saw like all these cool cadets in training
and like tons of shooting ranges and all these official looking
people. The director of the FBI was there today so we saw his whole
entourage walking around with him, it was pretty cool haha! But the
place is so huge! And we had to go through a lot of different things
to get in haha! But it was awesome! They have this like fake town in
there too, theres like actors in there that act like witnesses or bad
guys and that is part of the training for the cadets. They have like
houses and like a ghetto area where they do fake shootouts with
paintball guns and all this stuff. They also have a race track where
they learn how to drive like in high speed chases and stuff! It was so
cool! We got in because a couple of the members in my roommate's ward

Anyway loving life out here! Its hard but it is such a growing
experience. I know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.
Thank you so much for all your support. I love you all. If anyone
wants a good read, read "What Lack I Yet" by Larry R. Lawrence, its so


Hermana Stewart