Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hola Amigos!!!

Okay I am just going to start out with the best thing I've ever heard any one say. You can find it in the subject line but what he said was "you look like you are from El Salvador."

I cried.

Okay but really that made me so happy to hear! I don't want people to see me as the white girl who speaks spanish! I mean come on! Haha but really that just made me so happy!

Okay moving on from that!

So not much to report on for this week but it was a great week as usual! We did quite a bit of service with translating and moving some members in to different houses and we also helped out at this Olympics event we had with the branch that was super fun! (Pics to come)

Something I really love about being a missionary is all the service opportunities that we get. Especially in a Spanish Branch! I have learned a lot on how we can help the people in the US from Spanish speaking countries! One thing I have really learned is how to teach English class! I love it and I learn new little tricks to help them learn and pronounce things correctly everyday! Service is one of my favorite things to do, especially with translating!

But anyway, it's getting really hot and humid here. The first like 2 months I was here it rained everyday. And now it is so hot and humid! Haha I had never experienced humidity really before! In St. George, ya its hot but its dry, here it is just so humid! And with that, one day we were walking around and tracting and I was dying because it was just so hot. And no one was answering the door and if they did they were just so rude, I was just getting really frustrated. I was getting to where it just didn't seem worth it right then! And then I thought about why I was doing what I was doing. And then I thought about Jesus Christ and what He went through during His mission on earth. He was perfect and people spit on Him and people laughed at Him and people didn't want to listen. But guess what, He also did have people who did listen to Him, and where changed and who never felt the same after. And that's who I am doing this for. Obviously for Jesus Christ and also for the people that are going to be changed because of this message, because I know they are out there! This work is amazing and there is nothing else that I would want to be doing with my life. Someone asked me this week if I was truly happy doing what I was doing. I really thought about that for a second and I said yes! Yes I am happy with what I am doing right now! I absolutely love it, because I know the happiness that it brings to me and I want to share that with every else as well.Sorry for that little rant but I decided whenever I'm feeling that way again, I'm just going to think about the life of the Savior.

Hey a couple of you have asked me for my address so here it is!

8 Ferguson Drive #201
Stafford, VA 22554

Love you all!


Hermana Stewart