Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hola amigos!

Yes it is true my new mission president, President Smith, invented
funfetti cake. I'm not going to lie I thought that was just about the
coolest thing I had ever heard of haha! But ya the new president came
this week, and he is AWESOME! Honestly we clicked instantly and I am
so pumped for all the new ideas that he is going to bring to the
mission. Such a blessing that he is the new pres!

So I just want to start out in saying that Hispanics are so nice!! We
have been invited to weddings, quinceañeras, birthday party's,
dinners, baptisms, and just about every other thing you can think of
by people that we just barely met! It's so awesome! These people
really are just so humble and giving, they don't have the most out of
everyone but they offer what they have to the people they see. I
really have learned so much from them when it comes to giving and
Christlike love.

We have an investigator named Victoria. She's awesome, I think I might
have talked about her last week. The one who's house is invested with
cockroaches and has a lot of family problems. Well everything was
going great with her and then a couple days ago before one of our
lessons she texted us and telling that she can't meet with us anymore
and that its just too hard. We were so confused so of course we just
showed up at her house and her worry was that every time she gets
close to God something bad happens in her life so she is too worried,
especially about her kids. But we had a really good talk with her.
When investigators have problems or need help I find myself learning a
lot from the situation and also saying things that when I say them or
my companion says them, it teaches me. We had a really good
conversation about how this life is HARD! So hard. But luckily for us
we don't have to do it on our own. And that just really hit me,
obviously I knew that but I need to remember and remind myself all the
time that ya, I can't do this alone, but with Heavenly Father I can.

We also had a great lesson with one of our investigators named Jimmy.
They are an amazing family and we had a great recentish convert (just
like everyone else in the branch) who is probably the most Christlike
person I have ever met. He is this short, quiet, Mexican man with the
biggest testimony and the biggest heart ever. He shared about how he
found the church and how he gained a testimony. He said when he first
met the missionaries and they said the name of the church, "la iglesia
de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días" that that really made
an impact on him. As I listened to his story of how he found the
church(I might have cried a little bit during it haha) I thought about
how I would have never met this person or even talked to him if I
wasn't here, like our paths would have NEVER crossed. First of all
because he lives no where near me and second of all that we didn't
even speak the same language, just a ton of differences. But my
mission has really taught me to NEVER judge anyone by any sort of
circumstance that they have in there life; money, house, language,
country, religion.  I literally knock doors and have the most of my
investigators that live in trailer parks. I hadn't even been in a
trailer park before my mission, but now some of my best friends live
there! People are just awesome, and sometimes we have to take
ourselves out of our little bubble to find them.

This week... Wow it's been hard but also so good. The mission makes
you see all your flaws unfortunately and there is always something to
be working on and sometimes it is just so overwhelming. But I'm
learning so much out here, especially with my relationship with
Heavenly Father and who He actually is for me personally. When you are
helping people everyday all day you can't help but find some things
out for your self as well.

Well that's it for this week! Sorry that it is kind of long! I just
want everyone to know that I LOVE this work. I love what I'm doing and
I love the people I'm serving. But most importantly I love Heavenly
Father and Jesus Christ more than anything. Have a wonderful week!


Hermana Stewart