Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A real big miracle we have seen this week is English class! It's 
always been kinda difficult to get people to come especially none members but this week we had two English classes and we had like ten extra people come who had never gone before, both of the days. So awesome! They are planning on coming every week now and all the new ones but one aren't members of the church! Woo! After one of the classes we gave them all a church tour and they really loved it! English class is a great way to get them acquainted with the church. Gotta love it! And it's fun teaching it to! The other day in class they were asking me what I was going to study in college and I said I didn't know, they were all saying that I should be a English Teacher. Haha they are so sweet.

Also miracle with Franklin! So the big thing with him was that he was going to move to California if he didn't find a job by the end of the month and so that was kinda scary because he has limited options. He was super sad about it as well. But on Thursday night he told me that he found a job!! Miracle! And then he went on to thank us for finding him. He said he was lost before we started teaching him and he feels like that now through the church he is beginning to find himself. He talked about how his relationship with God has grown so much. Then(we had been asking him for a while but he said it was too fast) he told us that he wanted to be baptized! That he knows its what God wants for him and that he is on the right path. AHHHH!!! So crazy and such a crazy miracle. Talk about finding someone truly prepared by God. He is such a humble man, he hardly has anything but. honestly the only thing he has in his little room(he rents a room) is a bed a tv and a book of Mormon and a bible. He is the coolest. So the plan is for him to baptized on October 7. Hopefully it all goes through as planned:)

Another really cool family we found a little while back, there names are Carina and Joel and they are awesome! They are looking for a church, like they are looking for the true church which is cool. They just moved from Puerto Rico. We gave them the proclamation a couple days back and they read it as a family! Like the two of them and their two kids. I died when she told us that. She is so cool and really wants the best for her family so that is why the thing that really interests her and her husband is how this church can help and strengthen her family. Which is perfect because that is exactly what the church does! So they came to sacrament this sunday which was awesome and they really enjoyed it! They especially liked that everyone had the opportunity to get up and bear their testimonies:)(and when I say everyone got a chance to get up and bear their testimonies and I really mean just about everyone hahah)

So anyway I definitely saw some really amazing miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. You know sometimes a mission is hard and you start to get down on yourself and feel sorry for yourself but something that I love is that this mission is not about me. I wrote a couple of goals that I had when I left on my mission and one of those was by the end of my mission to be able to say I know what it feels like to serve selflessly. I'm not saying I'm perfect yet(not even anywhere near) but I have made so much improvement. Its been hard serving in this one area for so long but I think Heavenly Father wants me to reach that goal! So grateful for all the many blessing I have received from my Heavenly Father and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to love and serve these people here in Stafford. 


Hermana Stewart