Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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From: Riley Michelle Stewart <>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Living the life:)

Hello everyone! Great great conference week this week!

So we had a lesson with Franklin one night and he told us that some of
his family members Guatemala had gotten in a really bad car accident
and it wasn't looking too good for them. He wanted us to pray about
them so we did. It was a really spiritual experience and he thanked us
so many times. He called us later that night and asked us to please
pray for them again. It was super sweet. We had also just taught about
fasting and Franklin said that he wanted to fast for his family.
Unfortunately his brother in law passed away but his sister was okay.
But he said he thinks the fasting helped him feel peace. The poor guy
has a lot of problems going on. Problems with his job and other
things. We taught him about prophets and told him what general
conference is and showed him president Monson's last talk. He loved
it! We explained how if we really listen we can get answers to our
question during conference. He came to conference and brought a couple
questions and he said all but one was answered! He texted us later and
said that he loved the talk by president Monson and the whole thing
was really beautiful. Such a great guy!

Okay funny story one night we were teaching a lesson to this lady and
she like got up in the middle and was in her kitchen so we were like
haha okay and just kept going on because she was still looking at us
and listening. Then Hermana Valentine started reciting the first
vision and the lady legit right in the middle answered her phone and
started talking. Hahha just turned right around and completely ignored
us!,,  haha she didn't even say anything like I have to take this one
moment. Hahah it might not be funny to you but I was holding back
laughter!! Hahaha Hermana Valentine just kept going and did a 90
degree turn towards her daughter. Hahaha classic!

CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING! I loved it. I loved all the talks but I
especially loved the ones by Ronald a. Rasband and D. Todd
Christoferson. I loved when elder Christoferson talked about how we
need to learn to trust Him instead of resist Him.
A theme that I saw at least is that through the atonement and through
our trials we can still be happy because we know the purpose we know
the end goal in mind. Like elder hales said "if we loved the Savior
more, would we suffer less?" I challenge all of you to do something,
anything, to love the savior a little more. As Him what you can do and
I promise He will tell you, He told me.
Love you all. And remember the A
Also elder uchtdord! How often do we forget the amazing blessings we
have from the knowledge of this gospel??

Love you all and remember the atonement is as much for saints as it is
for sinners.