Sunday, January 29, 2017

Well first off so I am getting transferred:( Sad to leave Henrico but also excited for a change! This week has also been kind of an interesting week because we had some crazy things happen that made us have to stay inside for a day and also my comp got sick and we had to stay inside and also we had to stay inside for a big chunk of the day New Year's Eve.... so not a ton happened! But it was still a good week!

I decided I wanted to share a little miracle story that happened a couple weeks ago that I never shared. So me and Hermana Fischbeck went to chick Fil a during dinner hour one time to use the wifi, we were just sitting there and this guy kept staring at us.... a little while later he came up and he said, "I didn't even need to see your name tags I knew when you walked in here that you were Mormon missionaries. I still remember the names of the elders that taught me 30 years ago and I want to pay for your dinner" and then he just put a 20 on the table. I was like, "are you a member??" He's not but he then talked about how those elders he had met with had really helped him in a difficult time and that he was never going to forget how he felt when he went to church and met with them. Wow! He went on to say he didn't really know why he had stopped meeting with them but he said maybe is the time to start again with his family(he's now married with a little boy). So we referred him over to the elders and he is meeting with them!

It was just a really cool little miracle that we randomly went into chick Fil a one day for like 5 minutes and ran into this man who still remembered the missionaries from a long long time ago. We might not have recognized the fact that we went to chick Fil a as a spiritual prompting but I know that there was a reason that we were led there. That is something I have really been thinking about this week is following spiritual promptings, its a cool gift that we have been given the Holy Ghost, but just like any other skill we have to practice it and work hard to know how to be able to follow it. I'm still working on it but I know I've gotten a ton better. I've seen how the lord guides this work and guides His missionaries, so I know it's true.  The Lord loves His missionaries and takes care of them.
15 And it shall be given thee from the time thou shalt go, until the time thou shalt return, what thou shalt do. (D&C 28:15)


Hermana Stewart!

1- the district minus the other hermanas
2-Love my Venezolanas, I'm going to miss them
3- my favorite kids!
4- Leticias birthday!
5- missionaries!
6- We had a few people at church and Almilcar was one of them. He is hilarious and so sweet! He's going to get baptized! He reads the Book of Mormon everyday
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