Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello family and friends! This week absolutely flew by! I think it was
because I wasn't even really in my area most of the time because I was
always on exchanges... but hey it was fun! The first exchange I went on was
with sister warren and she is loads of fun! But we had an amazing miracle
that night! The elders called us and told us that they has a "free baptism"
for us. They went on to explain that this guy who was a member had called
them wanting to set up an appointment for his girlfriend that wanted to be
baptized! So we went over that night and they were sooo sweet! I would
describe them as cool Mormon hippies. The lady just sat in her cool
circular chair with her legs crossed and the Book of Mormon in her lap.
Basically she told us that she bows it all true she just wants to get the
missionary lessons so she can be baptized and get sealed with her husband
and kids. So that was a miracle!

Also a cool thing that happened this week was with one of our investigators
yessica. She's a new that we found this week and we went in and started
teaching her about the Joseph smith and what not and when we got to the
part about the Book of Mormon we looked down and her little one year old
son was holding a Book of Mormon! Haha what?! We were like "that's what we
are talking about!" It was so cool and crazy! She said that she had never
seen the book before in her life. Talk about signs from God! She's awesome
and we've taught her a couple times since!

This area is still awesome and we are still teaching A TON! So it has been
super fun! I was also finally able to go to church on Sunday and meet more
of the members of the ward. We also taught relief society so that was even
a better way to get to know the members. Also there are so many stray cats
everywhere here. It's creepy and I still don't like cats...

Last night we had a really cool experience with Rosalina and Daniel. We did
a thing where we all thought of a question that we had and then opened the
Book of Mormon to a random page and read a couple verses to try to get an
answer. We all did it and all of our questions were answered and they loved
it! We talked about it after and how we all learned that honestly whatever
question you have can be found in the scriptures. And that's something I
never understood before my mission but it really is so true! It really
helped them (and me) really see the importance of the scriptures in
everything that we do.

Well that's all from me sorry it's kinda scattered! Have a wonderful week!