Tuesday, February 7, 2017

So I got transferred to a place called Chesterfield! My new companion is named Hermana Howard, she is from California and is a spiritual giant! I feel very safe around her because guess what? Before her mission she did shot put and javelin at UNLV and she might be going to the olympics! So she's basically the coolest person ever.

This area is happening! It's probably the busiest one in the mission. There are tons of Hispanic and tons of work to do! I love it but it has been hard to get to know the area because there is just so much to do! We are literally always teaching people! It's awesome.

This week we saw a ton of miracles and there were a lot of people planning on going to church but unfortunately it got cancelled because of the storm. But it's okay because next week they will come!

 For this transfer our mission is focusing on unity. And one thing that has been really sticking out to me is just being happy for the triumphs of others. Jeffrey R. Holland talked about in one of his talks how we don't have to "drink a jar of pickle juice" every time someone else has a good day. So in other words if someone has a great day or does something wonderfully that shouldn't have a negative effect on us. We are all children of God and we are all part of the same plan. We need to rejoice in each other's triumphs because I know God rejoices in our triumphs.

Love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!