Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hey this week has been AMAZING! Guau I really am just so so lucky!
People, I LOVE MY MISSION! And the people and experiences I am having
here have changed me so much. I love the people that I am serving
with, my investigators, and the members in my branch! Honestly they're
all my best friends. I'm so grateful for my Heavenly Father and all
the things that he has blessed me with. Not to mention that I have the
most amazing family and friends at home as well. He truly loves each
and every one of us. Trust me whatever happens in your life it is for
your benefit. I have learned that SO much these past couple months.

This week was AMAZING! Honestly me and Hermana Rodriguez couldn't stop
talking about what an amazing week we had yesterday(and how lucky we
are). We had a couple awesome investigators come to church yesterday
and we also had this family come!! Ahhh I love them so much. They have
three kids. And they stayed for all three hours! The key is that their
kids love it. They were already talking about how they wanted to come
back next week. What?? They have been taught for about three years on
and off and they have not once gone to church. Not once. I think what
really changed their perspective was us talking about how this gospel
has changed our lives and really how it's all thanks to our parents.
Our parents are the ones that introduced us and shaped us into the
people that we are today(thanks mom and dad). They really just want
the best for their kids and they can see that this is something that
can help them. Ugh I wish I could write everything about them but I
can't. Just know that they are AWESOME! I mean they progress slow but
we have faith!

Haha funny story about them. They have the cutest kids ever! So we
went over to their house and when we walked in they immediately we
like pasen siƩntense. They made us these delicious Mexican things!
They are so good to us❤️ anyway so after dinner we just taught the
right at the dinner table and the lesson was awesome! The spirit was
so strong! So there was hot sauce on the table and they are from
Mexico so they love spicy stuff. And while we were teaching their
little two year old girl reaches over and takes a big swig out of the
hot sauce! Like she was drinking soda! And it didn't even phase her!!
Hahaha I couldn't help but laughing! Ugh I love them.

I meet really interesting people each week....
One guy told us he has seen Jesus three times
A Muslim guy who wouldn't stop saying "read the update" the update is
the Koran I guess
A Wicken who told us some interesting stuff to say the least.....
HAHA I love people!

Well this week was amazing and I am so so happy! I wish I could tell
you more about the awesome things that are happening but I have no
time! Thanks for all the love and support! You keep doing you!

Love you all.

Hermana Stewart

P.S. By the way my subject line mi pobre angelito (my poor little
angel) haha that's the title of home alone in Spanish? Like who comes
up with these things? La chica de verano(the girl of summer) is Raise
Your Voice. Hahah like guat??