Monday, May 16, 2016

Hola familia y amigos! Another great week of being a missionary:)

Miracle of the week is that we found this amazing guy named Ronald. We
were walking and saw him outside his house and went up to talk to him.
He just moved from El Salvador for work and he is looking for a
church. We talked about the Restoration. I felt the spirit so strongly
it was amazing. It was amazing and you could feel his sincere desire
to know. He is coming to English class this week at the church! We are
going back to teach him soon.

A less active and one of our investigators got married on Saturday!
I've never been so full of Bolivian food in my life haha! It was super
fun and a really good experience. We taught a couple lessons to some
of the guests as well which was really good:) We were super happy
because she got married by someone from the church so that was really
happy. There is still a goal in mind though which is to have a forever
family, sealed in the temple which I hope some day will be a
possibility for them. We also talked to her 19 year old daughter who
is back from college for a little while. She had never been interested
in any church until she saw her mom be baptized. She says that she has
never seen her mom happier! It was a really nice day! Even though it
pored like crazy shortly after the ceremony......

I have found a new obsession hot sauce! Like I kid you not, a lot of
you know. I was the biggest whip when it came to spiciness before my
mission. Like mild salsa was too much for me to handle
sometimes....awk.... But now I am obsessed with hot sauce I love it and
I put it on everything! I blame la familia Diaz because everything
they cook is super spicy and they put hot sauce on everything! Hot
sauce is life<3

I just want to say that I am so happy! That doesn't mean that everyday is perfect but this gospel and sharing it with my brothers and sisters here from all around the world makes me happy. I wish I could write more about the wonderful spiritual experiences that I am having but its hard to describe over writing. Just know that I love this gospel with all my heart. I love the language. I love these people here. And I love the Lord. Thanks for all the support and emails. You guys are the best! Have a great week! Love you all!


Hermana Stewart