Monday, August 1, 2016

So my cute little greenie's name is Hermana Valentine and she is super
cute and super cool! Hard working missionary and super excited to
work. Which is PERFECT!!! Also she is this little blonde thing(someone
asked her if she was 14 the other day hahh) I mean I dont think she
understood that part, or didnt catch it so she wasnt offended.....
haha. But anyway shes just this little thing but guess what??? She can
beatbox!!! Its sick. She's my idol haha. You wouldn't expect it from
her! So ya anyway that is a fun fact about Hermana Valentine for you.

So these past couple days we have been in a trio but that is all over,
it was fun to be in a trio for a little while. And I will miss Hermana
Rodriguez so much. She has become one of my best friends. People
honeslty ask us quite often if we are best friends. I think people can
just tell if companions get along and that has been something I have
been really grateful for in in this companionship. I'll miss her but I
know that we are going to be friends forever! (sorry cheesy but true)

So the first day with Hermana Valentine we taught a lesson with a guy
named herriberto and it was so amazing! We randomly found him walking
one day gave him and pamphlet and set up a return appointment with him
and didn't think much about it. But when we went back and had an
amazing lesson with him. He had read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon
and before we even started the lesson he compared himself to Jose
smith and how he was just like him before he got his answer, he is
searching. We have had a couple lessons with him he is on date but
still not sure! He is amazing though! Such a miracle! He is one of
those people who are looking but just don't know where to find it.

Also I don't know if you guys remember the lady that we helped move
and how she was crying because it was an answer to her prayers.  Well
sadly we had to hand her off to the English but I just wanted to let
you know that she got baptized last week! Ahhh such a miracle!

This week has been great! I love my mission! It means the world to me.


Hermana Stewart

1- Me and Jade, literally my best friend, straight out of Mexico haha

2- PAPUSAS, best things ever!!