Monday, August 15, 2016


So this week was fun and flew by because we have been so busy!! Which
has been awesome!! First of all I dont think I mentioned this but my
already pretty small branch split because of a stake split and now its
even smaller a lot smaller. Which is great but there is definitely a
lot more work for missionaries when it comes to the branch. They
already relied on the missionaries a lot before because most of the
members are recent converts but now it is even more! Haha me and
Hermana Valentine are the temporary 1st and 2nd councilers in the
Young women presidency so that is fun! We help the presidnet a lot
because she has only been a members for about three years and never
went through the young womens program herself. I've also given talks
in Sacrament Meeting the past three weeks and taught gospel principles
and primary and relief society. Needless to say we are always very
busy during sacrament meeting. Which is fun! I'm learning a lot!

This week we went to a meeting in Richmond called return and report
which is for all the trainers and trainees just to talk about how it
is going and what not! It is a super fun meeting and we got to tract
around Richmond for a little while as well which was super fun!!

Later that night we had a combined branch activity which was really
fun but also really sad because that was the last time I am going to
see them for quite a while:( It was especially sad for this one family
that I have gotten really close to. I got them all little gifts and
wrote them notes because I just love them so much! The saddest thing
was when the night was over the little girl Jade was running after our
car and saying bye and I love you! Sweetest family:) The dad also gave
me some really good advice. He said be a "maestra de maestros" and a
lot of other things but I thought that was a really good point. Oh
that means teacher of teachers. But the activity was super fun! We had
food from tons of different central american countries!! It was all so
good, I thought I was going to explode haha!

We had some really great lessons this week and put some people on date
and we are praying that those come through!

Yesterday was kind of rough and no one really wanted to listen to us
and we were kind of getting discouraged. I was praying so hard that we
would be able to find the people that needed to hear the message that
night. Well we were walking and we saw a group of like ten kids from
ages 7-21, they were all cousins and just hanging out outside. We were
a little far off and one was like "Hola como estan??" Well then we
started talking with them all and I was like How did you know that we
spoke spanish and they all started laughing and said they didn't and
the kid was trying to be funny they didnt think that we would
respond... haha such punks! But we ended up having a really amazing
lesson with them and the spirit was super strong!! They invited us
back and I'm really excited to see where it goes with them because we
really bonded with them!

Im so excited for this upcoming week! I know its going to be
amazing!!! I don't know why I just have a feeling! Something one of
the elders said this week has really got me thinking. He said "don't
just do missionary things, be a missionary." So there is some food for
thought for you! Especially those serving missions!!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!!


Hermana Stewart