Thursday, June 1, 2017

This week was insane and supppppperrrr packed!! It was so much fun!

We had an amazing fhe with a couple families from the spanish group
and it helped a ton with unity!

We finally had the soccer event that we have been planning since I got
here and it went so well. We had a ton of people show up, the weather
was beautiful, and we had a ton of food. It was just really cool how
to see it all come together after all the hard work that we put into
it. We had a great turn out and everyone who went asked us to let us
know if we do another activity like that. Again it helped with unity
and we have seen a lot of miracles with that helping us get the
members fired up about helping grow the spanish group here. There is
so much potential and I know if we all work together that we will see
some really great miracles and growth here in Culpeper.

We also had the coolest most spiritual most faith building miracle
that is currently in the process. Long story short we had just had a
revelatory experience with our mission president of what the Lord has
in store for this area and we saw that come to pass. Really it is just
a special experience but we found exactly what we were looking for in
a man named Hector. He is amazing! We were literally led by God to him
through different turns of events and he is so prepared. We are
obviously still teaching him so we will have to see what happens with
him but we have the faith that we are going to see amazing miracles
with him.

Also shoutout to my brother for getting his mission call this week. I
am so excited for him ad so proud of the decision that he has made to
serve a mission. I was thinking about how Sam is going on a mission
the other night and I just was overcome with love. I am so grateful
for this mission experience that I have lived so far, I am so grateful
for everything I have learned, all the people I have met, etc but I am
especially grateful though for the close relationship that I have been
able to make with my Savior Jesus Christ. It is priceless to me.

Until next week!


Hermana Stewart