Monday, September 19, 2016

hello, my subject line is a direct quote from one of the young women in the branch..... hahaha I love her with all my heart!!!

So we finally put Yeli on date which was like the biggest miracle ever! (Shes the one that asked for Book of Mormon scriptures to read when she was sad) Okay first of all funny story with her.... her name isn't actually Yeli. We were teaching Follow the Prophet and we had just finished watching the latest talk by Thomas S. Monson and then testifing about it when Hermana Valentine said something along the lines of "Yeli will you pray to know if Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God?" And then Yeli said, "Yes, but my name isn't Yeli" I didn't know what to do in that moment hahahahhahh, I've known her for quite a while and we are really close friends..... hahaha I was just like why didn't you tell me??? Haha needless to say it was a really funny moment and I am still laughing about it. Anyway so after that whole fiasco we the spirit was really strong again and we asked her to baptized for the millionth time. I kid you not the  last time we asked she did not want to! She said that she'd already been baptized and she didn't need to get baptized and that would be like playing with God. She just didn't get the whole authority thing but this time she totally did. It was like a completely new person she readily accepted a baptisimal date! Hallelujiah! I kid you not when I say when we got in the car I screamed of happiness:) I think Hermana Valentine might think I am a little crazy hahahah!

Here's an excerpt from the talk by Elder Uchtdorf: He Will Place You on His Shoulders and Carry You Home, I would say you should all read it. It has really helped me:) Love you all!
 The sheep is worthy of divine rescue simply because it is loved by the Good Shepherd.

To me, the parable of the lost sheep is one of the most hopeful passages in all of scripture.

Our Savior, the Good Shepherd, knows and loves us. He knows and loves you.

He knows when you are lost, and He knows where you are. He knows your grief. Your silent pleadings. Your fears. Your tears.

It matters not how you became lost—whether because of your own poor choices or because of circumstances beyond your control.

What matters is that you are His child. And He loves you. He loves His children.


Hermana Stewart