Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you all first for all the
birthday wishes! It really means a lot to me! Feeling a little bit of
extra love this week, you guys are the best:)

So this week was great. We had another lesson with Anita and she had
almost finished reading the whole story of when Christ visited the
Americas! It was so awesome. She says she really enjoys reading the
Book of Mormon. She really wants to know if it is true for herself so
i am really really excited for her because that is the hardest thing
sometimes, just helping them have the desire to really read and put
the effort into figuring out for them selves.

This week was really awesome! Tons of people were put into out path
which was really cool. One day in particular we had a couple hours
planned to go tracting and we only knocked like one door! People were
just outside and guess what, THEY ALL SPOKE SPANISH! That day
especially me and Hermana were really feeling the Lords hand in our
lives. Heavenly Father answers His missionaries prayers.  I mean we
did a little detective work. Missionaries are so creepy. We started
speaking to this little boy in Spanish and asked him where he lived.
Haha we were laughing as we walked away. We told him to not normally
tell strangers where he lives Hahahaha.....

So one thing with the branch that I'm in is that a lot of people have
A LOT of problems with our branch mission president. I hear all the
time all the drama and it's just sad. It's been really hard for the
branch and has hurt it a lot. There are in particular a couple big
people as in people who were really involved in the church who
completely left the church because of him. But last week a miracle
happened. It was so cool. One of them came back to church! I was just
talking to members before sacrament meeting and in they walked.  It
was so cool and the members were so excited. It brought such a
different spirit into the room and I think really gave them a lot of
hope. The lady got up and bore her testimony talking how she felt like
a lost sheep and that now she was found. She talked about how she is
learning how to love her leaders. She's scared for what she's going to
say to Heavenly Father why she didn't come to His house for all that
time. It was really cool to see and the spirit was super strong. It
took a lot of humility from them to come. Seriously such a miracle.

This week has been great and I have really felt so loved. The branch
here, there are like family to me. Like this whole week people have
made me special big dinners for my birthday with cake and treats and
everything. I have felt so loved and such love for them as well. I am
so grateful for the opportunity that I had to get to know them,
Heavenly Father has blessed me so much.


Hermana Stewart