Monday, September 19, 2016

 good week! (The subject line is what this member says EVERY time he
sees us hahah)

So we got this one guys number randomly and called him and set up an
appointment but he lives in a really creepy house so we had to make
sure we had a member because we had no idea who this guy was.  The
first night we went there we saw this one guy and we told him we were
looking for Armando and he said that he hadn't come home yet and he
refused to give us his name. We called Armando again and set up a
return appointment for the next day. Our member told us we couldn't
ever go there by ourselves because it's a really sketchy house and a
kinda sketchy guy. So he came with us again! Turns out the guy we
talked to the night before was Armando... Awkward. Hahah but we had a
really great lesson with him and his family actually! It all made
sense to them and now they really want to start coming to activities
and church! Yay!

So I'm going to Ethiopia after my mission. Met the sweetest old man
from ethiopia and he said it was going to happen so I guess it is. He
also said I could stay with his family all I would have to do is get
myself there.  He also told us he loves us, haha cutest old man. Sorry
that was random but it was just a little tender mercy one day.

Awkward story. Went to contact this lady and she was outside and I'm
pretty sure I was saying hola for a solid five minutes and she ignored
us so I just left her a pamphlet and walked away. Hahahaha what??

Our car died on Sunday. So two Hermanas were just walking along the
side of the road. Our neighbors really wanted to drive us but we told
him it was against the rules, he thinks we have too many rules(He also
wanted to pay us really bad to watch his cat). But luckily  some
members saw us and pulled over on the side of the  road.  "¡Hermanas

Had a really great lesson with a lady named Anita. She is awesome! She
seemed kinda skeptical and not super crazy about the Book of Mormon
idea because all she had read was the bible her whole life but by the
end she was opening up to it. We left her with a copy and 3 Nefi 11,
the next day we followed up over text to see if she had read it and
she said she did and a lot more than we gave as well. She really liked
it!!! SO that was a miracle!!

Something I've really been thinking about this week is how much
Heavenly Father really wants to bless us.

52 And continue thenceforth their labor as had been promised by the
Lord, and be partakers of all blessings which were held in reserve for
them that love him.