Monday, November 28, 2016

"Hermana hay chinches!" #LIGHTtheWORLD
Riley Michelle Stewart

Hello Everyone!!

It has been a very interesting week hahah... but a great one!

Hermana Fischbeck is my new companion! We were in the same district in the CCM and we were already best friends so it worked out wonderfully! She is hilarious, a hard worker, and we get along great! She just wrote in her email "if I had to compare Hermana Stewart to someone I would say she is a mix between Celine Dion and Jeffrey R. Holland." So if that doesn't explain her I don't know what will haha!

So haha in our zone we are over the Sisters.... and we had a lot A LOT of crazy things happen.
Day 1 of the transfer: we got a hold of the sisters after transfers but after that nothing
Day 2: we start to get worried, its been 24 hours since having contact with the sister, we call people in their ward, they post a thing on their ward facebook page... twice, the bishop calls us everyone is worried, we leave two notes on their door throughout the day, we tell president, he calls us later that night wondering if we had found them, we hadn't. Ten minutes later we were on a conference call with President and the APs and the Zone Leaders figuring out what we should do. They decided to come down here and that we were going to search with them. They were dividing areas for the search party and we were going to meet at their apartment at the sisters apartment at 8:30. But luckily we found the sisters! At like 8:20. They had just lost their phone and hadn't emailed. It was probably one of the most stressful days of my life. President wasn't too happy with them but he is a forgiving guy. Alls well that ends well.
Day 3: Thanksgiving the same sisters call us on a members phone and they had just figured out that they have bed bugs in their house. We decided its best if they just stay with us but we take a ton of precautions.
Day 4: This is day 4 in the words of my companion:
woke up at 6:10
go on walk with sisters around the block,
all 4 of us shower
We have cereal (they eat the cornflakes)
We do personal study
Companionship study-going well, set up an appointment at 2
We call Elder Murri, he says "that is the worst thing you could have done" as we explain that they stayed with us
9:32 am, the sisters had to leave
9:33-11:30 we probe the beds, hit couch cushions with tennis rackets, vacuum floor and mattresses and couch, put everything in the dryer
11:30-12:30 chicken fiesta, i.e. Redemption
12:30 head to meeting
1:01 meeting begins and we give training on elder sister relations-confident and powerful delivery, no awkwardness
2:45 split boundaries, still no email from sisters
4:24 check sisters house, leave a sticky note for them to email us, Walmart run for bedbug spray
4:45 we spray everything in our home and send an email to the sisters
5:22 on our way to McDonalds
7:22 the elders say our sisters elders relations training was the least awkward, most- effective one so far
Day 5: Their keys are accidentally locked in their car.

Needless to say a lot of stressful things happened and I felt terrible for these poor sisters. But it helped me really develop more love for them. And all is well now, and we don't have bed bugs. Sorry that was really long and most of you probably don't care it was just a tad bit stressful!

But this week we also saw a lot of miracles with the extra time that we did have. We have been showing the new Christmas video to everyone and have seen so many miracles and so many people opening up after watching it. If you haven't watched it please do!

Im so grateful to be learning and growing out here on the mission. And I am especially excited to be a missionary during this Christmas season when people are remembering Christ even more and trying to be more like Him. I love this work and I love my Savior. Thanks for everything.


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