Monday, November 28, 2016

So the subject line is from the one and only Joaquin haha he is the best and says that is going to be his "baptismal theme" when he is baptized.. haha if there were such a thing.

So this is going to be a random letter.

-Last night we tracted for 3 hours straight and like NO ONE wanted to hear from us. So when it was getting close to going home we tried one of our investigators to see how she was doing and she wasn't home and then we tried her neighbor and of course(the last door, like it always is) they were AWESOME! They are a family of three, the mom and two daughters, one is 17 and one is 19 and they just moved here from Venezuela about three weeks ago! Talk about perfect timing when the biggest change in their lives just happened! They let us in right away and we just became best friends immediately I love them so much already. And they loved the idea of the book of momron! They said they had always wondered why there wasn't scriptures from here as well! Miracle!

- leticia, valery's mom said that we need more missionaries in our branch(we already have 5 sets) because we need to bring more people to church. Haha Im like your not even a member yet! But she loves the church and shes seen the healing power in her family thanks to the gospel so she naturally wants to share it! She already told her sister in Mexico to go to church, she found where it was at and everything! "Hay que traer mas gente!"

-Luciana, the woman from Brazil is really struggling she has had some really hard things happen these past couple weeks but we did have a great lesson on the plan of salvation with her this week and she really liked it! I'm not going to lie when we sat down for the lesson I was a little nervous and wondering how it was going to work out but the spirit works magic! Haha I was nervous because we brought a member but she only speaks Spanish and Portuguese and then me and Hermana Eddinton only speak English and then Luciana just speaks Portuguese and a little bit of english. So there is not one language that all of us speak! But the spirit did its job and Im actually surprised how much Portuguese we can understand! She talks to us in Portuguese and we just respond in spanish its weird but hey it works!

-Valery got the holy ghost this week yay!

- and much more but no time!!!

Love you all so much thanks for all the love and support it really does make a big difference! Until next week!

hermana estewart