Monday, November 28, 2016

Hey everyone so AMAZING CRAZY WEEK!!

First off Valery got baptized!! YAY! It was amazing! The whole
baptismal program went great and everyone loved it! Tons of people
were there:) I just love that girl so much she has the purest heart.
After she was baptized she was just so happy and crying and she was
just glowing. She gave her testimony after and one thing she said
"when the Hermanas knocked on my door I was doing a lot of bad stuff.
But now I feel like a good person. Now I finally feel happy." Her
testimony was amazing and so sincere! She has sooooo much faith.
Honestly whenever we taught her stuff I would always be a little
worried(I know I need to have more faith) that she wasn't going to
accept something but she always did! When we taught tithing she was
like "can I pay it today??" She's just so sweet.

Another thing we did this week was volunteer with the Salvation Army!
It was super fun they were doing like a secret Santa thing so kids can
have a Christmas and they needed a lot of Spanish speakers to help
because a lot of the families they get only speak Spanish. The lady
who was in charge of it told us that we were her answer to her prayer
this year. And another lady said who's been doing for twenty years
that when she sees bilingual people to help she always wants to cry.
Haha they were so sweet to us, they treated us like royalty.

Brenda and her family are doing great as always! They are the sweetest
family ever and I am always so amazed that all her four kids who are
under the age of 8 always listen so intently to us as well. It is the
sweetest thing! Brenda loves the church and wants to join and be
baptized but her biggest thing right now is that she can't come to
church because she is always watching other kids on Sunday's:( She was
going to bring them to the church but she said that the mom of the
kids doesn't like our church..... So we are praying that she can find
a way to come!!

This week has seriously been a great, crazy week. I LOVE helping
people come unto Christ and prepare for the second coming of Christ
and I have learned through this service and help I have come SO much
closer to Christ as well. It truly is amazing the love I feel that He
has for me, everyone I am around right now, and all of you.

D&C 35:27
27 Fear not, little flock, the kingdom is yours until I come. Behold,
I come quickly. Even so. Amen.

Love you! Hasta luego:)