Monday, November 28, 2016

Well this week has been another great week out in Henrico! We got transfer calls and I am staying and Hermana Eddington is leaving. I'm grateful to be staying here in this area! I love it!

Biggest miracle this week is that Valery went and did baptisms at the temple and the rest of her family all went and went to the Visitor's Center. Such a miracle! They really loved it and had a wonderful spiritual experience. They were able to talk to the Hermanas at the Visitors Center and they explained to them more about the temples and what they are and the importance of them especially for the families. The next day the whole family went to all three hours of church and the lesson lo and behold was on Eternal Marriage! Haha perfect! They loved it and she brought up how they had gone to the temple before and how beautiful it was and that they saw a couple there who were getting married and they looked so so happy. It was awesome! I couldn't stop smiling haha!

We have been having a really hard time finding new investigators which has been kinda hard but this week we saw a lot of miracles and found a lot of cool people.

"Some may ask why we as a people and church quietly and consistently seek to change individuals while there are such large problems about us... But decaying cities are simply a delayed reflection of decaying individuals.... The commandments of God give emphasis to improvement of the individual as the only really way to bring about the real improvement of society."

We all have so much to be grateful for and one of the best ways we can show gratitude to out Heavenly Father is by sharing the blessings that we have. So go out and seek the individual. Trust me. It makes all the difference.


Hermana Stewart