Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lots of great things happened but pretty much I just want to talk
about church and a family home evening that we had. This week at
church, the fast and testimony meeting was the most spiritually
uplifting meeting I had ever been in. First of all we were in just a
little room and there were 18 of us total and that's including 4
missionaries, I counted. The testimonies were just so besutiful and
completely genuine and all about Christ everyone was crying. There was
even an investigator that got up and bore her testimony about how
great she feels and that she is going to continue coming. It really
helped me see that the scripture:.......... I felt my Saviors love so
strongly and strong love and a connection with all the people around
me. I know I am exactly where I need to be.

The other great thing is that Hermana Coleman and I put together a
family home evening and invited everyone from the group and the elders
and us invited all our investigators. It was a huge success! We were
kinda worried because a lot of the people who said they were coming
cancelled at the last minute but the people who we had no idea were
coming showed up and we got 4 investigators to come to it! The members
are awesome and were so great at fellowshipping and the brought SOOO
much food. I kid you not we could have fed at least 30 people.... it
was great. One of the recent converts even called us after and was
asking us when we were going to be doing it again because it was so
great and he just felt good while he was there. Ahhh such a great

I know that the Lord is so heavily involved with this work he has
helped me literally EVERY step of the way. I love Him, I love the
people here in Virginia and I love this work.


Hermana Stewart

1) we went to James Madison's house Montpelier last P day
2) fun FHE!
3) love them
4) our mom