Monday, July 17, 2017

What a great week! Last night before I went to sleep I just couldn't
stop thinking about how blessed I am. The mission is by far the best
thing I have ever done and it has just brought a new light into my
life and I can see how the Lord is shaping me to be the person that He
wants me to be. I heard a quote this week that says "be the person
that He knows you are." I just love that! God sees our full potential
more than we or anyone else can see. So this week try to be the person
that He know that you are! God has given us all such great potential.

Anyway this week was so wonderful because I was able to see one of my
best friends be baptized! And not only was I able to see the light
that it brought to him but the light that it brought to his whole
family. The baptismal service was a success and the spirit was so
strong. Wilson's cousin who just got here from Guatamala was able to
give a talk. She was so nervous but she did amazing! I love seeing
people stretch themselves because that is when they grow. After the
baptism Wilson bore his testimony and he did great! He was crying, so
sweet, he was just so happy. And then after Daniela(Wilson's cousin)
came up to me and was just beaming. She said she couldn't describe how
happy she felt. She expressed so much gratitude and love towards me
and it made me feel so good and feel so loved. I love that family and
I will always remember that night and the experiences that I have had
with them.

So that is one of the reasons I have been feeling so much gratitude.
God has blessed me so much.


Hermana Stewart