Monday, July 17, 2017

Wow. I am still in shock over this week. First of all it started out getting my new companion, Hermana Whetten! She is adorable and about 5 feet tall:) She is super sweet and laughs a lot. She is from Dallas but was born in Mexico so she already speaks Spanish! We are getting along great!

But we saw the biggest miracle. So this area is kind of know as "the bad area" haha where there is not much going on but that has not been the case for these last couple months. We have seen crazy miracles and progress that comes with hard work, dedication, and faith. Every since I got here we have really been trying to work with our leaders to be able to have our own spanish sacrament meeting in the relief society room so we don't have to translate and we just really felt that we will see a lot more rapid growth, deeper conversion, and that it would be a huge step to being able to get a group. Well it hadn't really been working out too well for us, the leaders weren't really sure about it and they really just didn't feel like we should do it. But yesterday before sacrament started we were setting up the translation equitment and he came over and said he wanted to talk to us. We went to his office and he said that they really feel like there could be great progress here and that they feel it is the time to really make a push. So starting next week we get our very own sacrament meeting in spanish. I cried(no shame haha)

Yes it is going to be a lot of work but I just know that so many miracles will be seen here in little Culpeper and in now time we will have a group. I'm so happy!!! I'm also ready for the possibility that I might be speaking every week. haha!

Other miralces! We have been having trouble putting an investigator on date because he saiys "something is missing" this week he texted us and said "I think I'm going to get baptized the 30th of August" No big deal!

We had 6 investigators at church this week! and two less active families!

And so much more. Ugh the mission is just the best and this area is the best!

Love you all!

Hasta la proxima semana:)


Hermana Stewart