Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hola everyone!! Hope you are all doing well and know that I am sending lots of love your way from Mexico City! This week has been AMAZING!!!!!! Just so many spiritual experiences and tender mercies from the Lord. Being a missionary really is the greatest.
This week the Pope is in town, obviously I didn´t get to see him but all my teachers complain about it because all the roads are closed because of it haha. So this week for the devotional we got to hear from an apostle and it was the coolest thing ever! If you didn't already get this honestly was that I from the subject it was Dallin H. Oaks! It was really cool for me because  for I got to sit right by Emily Wixom and we also got to randomly hear from him 2 years ago and we met him together! Then here we are in mexico City on a mission together meeting him again. It was a really cool experience. I love the spirit that you can feel when an apostle of the Lord is in your presence because you can feel the spirit so strongly and you can see that he is a man of God.
One of my favorite things about the CCM is talking to all the Latinos! I seriously love it because first of all it´s practice and also because they are really just a loving people and they just love to have fun! Sometimes I know what I am saying doesn´t even really make sense but they get the jist and it´s fun to talk. ANYWAY, so the other day I was talking to some of my Latino friends and they stopped and were like "wait I know who you look like! You look like Harry Potter´s girlfriend!" Haha it took me a second to get what they were saying but when I did I thought it was hilarious that they pointed that out because I actually get that a lot! Haha so now they all call me Weasley and it's just kinda funny.
Today was a wonderful P-Day because we had the chance to go to the Mexico City temple today! That temple is so gorgeous and it is so big! I love the spirit I feel when I go to the temple and I´m so grateful that I was able to go today.
Sometimes I forget how lucky I truly am for all the many blessings I have received in my life. I have been blessed with so much and now I just want to work everyday to try to be worthy of the blessings that I have received. Thank you all for the amazing examples you have been in my life, I would not be here without you. Remember that God loves you and that I love you! Have a fantastic week!
Hermana Stewart
P.S. Thank you all for the amazing letters and thank you to my family for the packages! Haha my district is also grateful for you because they get a lot of food haha! Thanks for being the greatest!