Thursday, March 3, 2016

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 1:38 PM, Riley Michelle Stewart <> wrote:
Hey everyone! First off, yes my companion is in a wheelchair! She sprained it really badly on Saturday and has had to be in a wheelchair since then but it is getting better and better each day! So anyway, another great week in the CCM! This week was a little bit different because guess what¿ I got to go outside of the walls!!! So it´s actually a really sad story because a girl in my zone has been really sick to the point where she had to be in the hospital for a couple days(don´t worry she´s back now though). But anyway we have been doing 12 hour shifts with the firls in our zone so on Saturday it was my turn to go. So it was a pretty intense day actually becayse no one really spoke English there and it was just the two of us and I had to figure out what was wrong and what we had to do all from the nurses and doctors that spoke no English so that was interesting. She had to get a colonoscopy and I was like her chaperone, it was interesting. But it was cool because I had a lot of oppurtunities to tell people who we were, what we were doing there, and a little bit about the church. Everyone though was we were doing was "muy bonita" and they just thought it was a really cool thing. You don´t know how many ladies kissed me on the cheek that day! And it also made me really appreciate the name tag because it is something that sets us apart and might initially get people interested in who we are and what we are about. I was able to meet a lot of amazing people! But the coolest thing was with the nurse that was wheeling the girl that was in the hospital back up to her room. I started talking to him about the church and about us and he told me that he had actually had a friend that was a missionary in Mexico City some years back and that he had been to the church before because they were offering free English classes! So I talked to him a little bit about the church and himself while we were walking her back up to her room. And then I asked him if he had a Book of Mormon, he said he did at one point but that that was like 12 years ago. So then I asked him if he wanted one and he said yes!!!! He actually seemed really excited when I asked and he said "thank you, that is a really marevelous gift." So I gave him El Libro de Mormón!!! Ahhhh it was such a great experience and I felt so amazing after and really already felt so much love for him I´m praying that the missionaries might find him and maybe something will come out of it!! I love being a missionary! It´s so insane to me that I am already leaving the CCM on Monday for my mission! I´m going to miss my district so much but I am so excited(and scared) to go out to the field! The next time I email I will be in Richmond! Thanks for all you do for me! Remember that your Heavenly Father loves you, he would never leave you alone, I have experienced that so much on my mission already.
Hermana Stewart

Oh and here are some awkward pictures... and one of me and DALLIN H OAKS!!!