Monday, March 14, 2016

Wow..... I am officially in the great state of Virginia! And I really
do love it here! It's so different than Utah. It has tons of trees and
sometimes when I'm driving around I just look around and see how
beautiful it is. I'm really grateful for this oppurtunity to be here.
Haha speaking of driving.... I'm the designated driver because my
companion doesn't have a license. So we have these things in our cars
called "teewee" (I honestly have no idea how to spell it) but anyway
it's this thing hooked into your car and you have to sign in with your
card and the it tells you to slow down or put your seatbelt on and
what not, so it just monitors what you do. For the seatbelt and to
slow down it gives you a warning but if you get "aggressive driving"
it just marks it against you. So anyway I kid you not when I say we
had just left the parking lot 30 seconds ago when a light turned
yellow and so I stopped and it was kind of a hard break but not too
bad and then that thing said "AGRESSIVE DRIVING" literally that would
only happen to me.....๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

But anyway enough about that..... So I really don't even know where to
begin but so much has happened since I've been here. My companion is
awesome! Her name is Hermana Rodriguez and she is from Argentina! We
speak Spanish pretty much all the time and I'm so grateful for her
because she has really helped me improve my Spanish and whenever I
have a question about something I can just ask her. It's so nice! She
occasionally has a question for me about English and I like when that
happens because I am constantly asking her questions about Spanish....
But ya she is awesome! Love her! She has an Argentinian accent so she
says ll and y like sha so that took a little getting used to but now
I'm used to it! She wants me to have an Argentina accent๐Ÿ˜‚

The people here in Virginia are amazing. The people love to talk and
you would be surprised there are areas where we can knock on just
about any door and they will speak Spanish! It's awesome! Occasionally
when we do knock on someone who doesn't speak Spanish they aren't
always as nice.... But ya the Spanish speakers love to talk about God
and religion. We met the most amazing family last night who are so
prepared they just don't know it! Ahh I loved them I honestly wanted
to just live with them because they were the sweetest family and the
nicest people ever. It's moments like that when I meet amazing people
that I just really really love this mission.

I love being a missionary! There is a lot of work to do here and I am
excited to get started. The language is definitely a struggle but
everyday it has been getting better and better. I know Heavenly Father
blesses all his children so I have faith that it will come. I am so
excited for those of you that are getting mission calls right now
because this work is amazing. And for those of you who don't have a
tag remember that you can still be a missionary, it is a lot more
powerful to have a member present during lessons so go out and do
that! The Lord loves you and he would never leave you alone. There are
amazing people in this world! Go out and find them! Ciao! (This is a
word I have picked up from my companion❤️)

Hermana Stewart

(Here's my address if you want to send me anything)
8 Ferguson Drive apartment 201
Stafford, VA 22554

Oh and sorry me and my companion literally took no pics.... Next week for sure.
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