Monday, March 28, 2016

Okay let me just start out by saying how pretty it is in Virginia during this time! I just love the spring and they tell me it's not even fully here yet!

One thing I've come to realize is how important the members are in missionary work! Seriously they make or break it. And I love my ward! It's so cool how into missionary work they are. They all want to share the gospel because they see the huge difference it has made in their life and they want everyone to feel that as well. So ya I love my ward and I love the other missionaries in my ward. We have us, a trio of Hermanas and a set of elders. All the Hermanas are native speakers besides me and this other girl which is nice. But the other girls last name  is SanchezFace with tears of joy so she seems like less of a greenga and it's easier for people to say her name!  But ahhhhh this week someone asked if me and my companion were both from Buenos Aires! Which made me feel good about myself because that means my Spanish wasn't too awful! Haha but my comps accent is definitely rubbing off on on me! She is seriously so happy that I'm starting to get it! She's so funny! The other day we were talking about empanadas because they make those a lot where she's from and she was saying that she has to make some for me and I said "oh I think I have had an empanada before from McDonald's!" Haha she got offended and won't let me live that one down!Face with tears of joy

The General Women's broadcast was awesome this week! I love hearing from the apostles and other leaders of the church. The main focus was service so that is definitely something that I am going to pray for and go out of my way to find unplanned service opportunities. One quote I liked was "throw away the mirror and look through the windows." The only way we can truly serve is if we stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on others.

Missionary work is great and I am loving it! Thanks for everything. I can already tell that my decision to serve a mission is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Love you all and have a great week! I know I will!

Hermana Stewart

1- me and Hermana Rodriguez
2- The Hermanas in my ward
3- The Relief Society
4- Easter egg decorating with my roommates
5- haha some cannon from the civil war