Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another great week in Chesterfield! We had transfer calls and I will be staying here for another six weeks! Yay! And will be receiving my new companion this upcoming transfer. I am excited to see what lies ahead ahead for this area and I know that there will be tons of miracles this next transfer!

So unfortunately Carlos was not baptized this week:( But its okay he is definitely still planning on being baptized we just had to push it back a couple of weeks! He is still doing so amazing and just soaks everything up. He is already so excited for general conference and says that he is going to come to the church to watch every single session. Wow he is just amazing. He asked us the other day what the role of the 70 are.... he just wants to know everything! He loves this gospel and knows it is true. I love it.

We saw many cool little miralces this week:) one that comes to mind right now is with this 9 year old boy we are teaching whos parents are less active. When we first started teaching him he didn't know how to pray and was honestly a little scared of the concept of God. Know he begs to say the prayer every lesson, prays everyday personally, and last lesson he said "prayer makes me feel good because I feel like Jesus is always with me." Tender.

Something I have been trying to do is seem the extraordinary in the ordinary. Sometimes we see things so much and are around them so much that we forget how amazing that thing is. It can happen with anything; our families, friends, the gospel, certain foods, weather, anything. And I've decided, I don't want to do that with anything. Every day is filled with miracles, blessings, and amazing experiences sometimes we just fail to see them. I love the little and big miracles that I see everyday and I know we all experience them, we just need to look for them.


Hermana Stewart

1- after coordination with our ward mission leader and his family. I love them!
2- what happens in English class...... hahahha
3- chesterfield ward missionaries!
4- hahha
5- I have to say goodbye to this beautiful lady!:(  She is being shipped back off to California! She will be missed! Look out for her in the Olympics 2020(;
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