Sunday, April 2, 2017

So this week was lots of fun and busy! We went on two exchanges and
also had Zone Conference. We focused on inviting and Hna Howard and I
led a discussion on what makes up a good invite, we role played in
front of everyone, and led a big role play with everyone that was
really fun! It turned out well and everyone really enjoyed i:)

So Lorena! I think I talked about her a little bit last week. She is
awesome! WE had three lessons with her this week. When we explained
the Book of Mormon she just loved it. She went off on how she didnt
know that there was another testament of Jesus Christ that took place
in the Americas, she just knew about the Old Testemant and the New
Testamant. She also loved Moroni´s Promise that says if we read the
book of Momron and ask God with a sincere heart He will tell us if its
true. She just loved how we leave it up to the people to ask God and
we don't just expect them to listen to our testimonies. She is
AWESOME! I was seriously about to just start crying of happiness but I
kept in in because I didnt want to freak her out hahha....... She
currently has a different church that she goes to but she says if God
tells her that this is the true church that she will be baptized. Now
we just need to get the husband to his wife's level...

Flavio is doing well and he is still on track to get baptized the 25th
of March. He's so precious and just the most humble guy. Every time he
prays he always says "prot├ęgelas a mis hermanas" which means please
protect my sisters. He's awesome!

We are teaching the most amazing people and I wish I could just do a
little bio of every single one of them but that would bore you to
death but just know that I am loving the mission and meeting and
teaching the most amazing people I have ever met that teach me so

This week something I studied about was peace because sometimes the
mission can get stressful ya know? But I was studying about it and
found a different way to look at peace. Peace isn't something we
should only have when things are going well, when we don't have a lot
of things to do, etc etc but peace is a feeling we should and can have
all the time.  And the only way we can get that peace to be with us
always is through the help of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the
gospel that everything is going to be all right. And maybe that
doesn't mean everything is going to be all right tomorrow, next year,
or even during this life but we can have the assurance that Heavenly
Father will make sure everything is alright in the end if we follow
His commandments. I know that is true and I am so thankful for that

Love you all! Bendiciones!