Sunday, April 2, 2017

We have been seeing some cool experiences and miracles with a lot of
the people that we are working with!

We went and taught Rosalina and Daniel and like I said last week we
have just been having the hardest time trying to get Daniel to
progress and read the scriptures. We have been really focusing on the
Book of Mormon and really help him understanding the blessings and the
reason why we read it. So the other night we went over and asked him
if he had been reading and he said he had! He listens to it on the way
to work and back and throughout the day and he told us that that day
he had just read "the chapter about baptism" (2 Nephi 31) and really
liked it! So that was awesome and we could already see such a change
in him! He was glowing and now they are progressing together as a
couple:) :) :)

It has also seemed to me that SO many people have been opening up
about their life stories and it's hard to hear. So many of them have
gone through things that I can even imagine but the cool thing is that
the gospel is the answer. The gospel is always the answer!

We went over and saw a recent convert the other day and I seriously
just love this guy. He's like a grandpa to me and he's just so so
sweet and humble! So we decided to teach him about the sabbath day and
just review some things with that. So we showed him a really cool
mormon message about the sabbath day and talked about it. After he was
so grateful and told us that that is one of the things he struggles
with and that he knows he could do better on. He went on to talk about
how he know that we are guided by the spirit and messengers of the
Lord because the lesson was exactly what he needed to hear and
something he needs to work on. First of all I love when people are
humble enough to recognize that there is room for improvement second
of all I just love when little things like that happen they might not
seem that monumental but they are just awesome. Heavenly Father really
does guide His missionaries and all His other children so that they
can help and strengthen others. He is so involved in our lives even in
the small details that don't seem to matter. In my mission I have been
able to recognize His hand in everything I do and I have also realized
that He has always been there. He has never left my side, not once,
and I know He never will. I am so grateful for that knowledge and I
know if we really remember that and truly know it can get us through
any trial that we face.


Hermana Stewart