Sunday, April 23, 2017

We have been using our investigator (Carlos who is getting baptized)
to help fellowship our investigators, so we have been bringing him to
a couple lessons even though he isn't technically a member! And it has
been great! We brought him to a lesson with our investigator Joel who
has been having a hard time committing to baptism. Carlos came and
when we brought up baptism Carlos bore his testimony about his
decision to be baptized and how he knows its the right thing to do,
the spirit was so strong! He also told Joel that going to a baptismal
service really helped him make his decision and right there and then
he invited Joel to come to his baptism! It was great and he is coming.
He also came to church for the second time in a row!

We also had amazing lessons with the family I have talked about
before! The mom is doing amazing! There was a lesson that we had and
after the prayer she just started crying her eyes out because she felt
so good and she said ¨I never want to lose this feeling¨ The next time
we went over we watched the Joseph Smith movie and she was talking
about how he had to make that sacrifice or else all the other mormons
would have suffered. And then she was like oh, that reminds me of a
scripture I read. She pulls out her phone and had taken a screen shot
of one of the pages of the book of mormon. She starts reading 1 Nephi
4: 13  it is better that one man should perish that that a nation
should dwindle in unbelief. Now she said it was kind of opposite
because Joseph Smith was a really good person and a prophet but we get
where she sees the connection. She then went on to tell us how
grateful she is for the book of momron and that she cant stop reading
it because it is answering all these questions that she has always

The Book of Mormon changes lives and answers questions of the soul! I love it!!


Hermana Stewart