Sunday, April 2, 2017

Heyooo what a week that just flew by really so quickly. I feel like I
was emailing only yesterday.....

This week was fun, went on two exchanges and did trainings at two
different zone meetings. I loved the opportunity to go to two zone
meetings because you just learn double the stuff plus a training is
always better the second time right? So that was all super fun but
there was a lot of going on and so that might have been why the week
seemed to go by sooooo quickly!

This week we saw some cool miracles one of them being with a man named
Carlos. About two weeks ago we were trying some potentials and we saw
Carlos getting in his car and went up and talked to him. Turns out
he's super cool and super interested, we talked about our message but
then he has to leave..... and he says that he will call us.... which
almost always means you aren't going to hear from them again. But we
had faith in him because he just seemed so awesome! So a little over a
week went by and no call and then one day we get a call from a random
number and what do you know?? It's our old friend Carlos! We set up an
appointment with him at the church and invited a member family to come
with us. It went amazingly and he's super interested and he just
soaked the message of the restoration up. Unfortunatley he wasn't able
to go to church because he got sick but next week for sure!

Other cool miracle with this guy named Joel that lives with one of the
less actives. We went over because we had set up an appointment with
the less active but when we got there his friend Joel told us he
wasn't there. Well before we could say anything he said "but I am
really interested in your message and want to listen to you" we were
like sweet and the less active also ended up showing up a few minutes
lateriley and we just taught both of them. Gods timing is perfect:)

This week had some ups and down(but mostly ups) we are just trying to
get these amazing people to progress towards baptism! I mean to be
honest sometimes people's agency can be frustrating hahah! We do our
best to try to set up these awesome experiences for people and they
will either not show up, etc, etc but I know it's all part of the
journey. Trials we have and that others have is exactly what we need.